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Moon Time

I recently finished a book about the feminine connection to the lunar cycle and how it manifests in daily life. Need I say it was very interesting? Looking past some of the occult themes in the book, the author provided a vivid link between the moon, the female hormonal cycle, and the energetic transformation of our feminine selves throughout.
In a womans body which is aligned with the lunar cycle, the new moon corresponds to the first day of bleeding; this is a time of inner darkness, sadness, withdrawal anf renewal.The full moon corresponds to ovulation, and brings vitality, creativity, fertility, and sexual energy. Within this cycle, the waxing of the moon is tied to an increase in energy, and the waning of the moon – a decrease in energy. Essentially, it is completely normal and even necessary for a woman to be “on” for two weeks and “off” for another two weeks.
As I read this book I was struck (not for the first time) by our culture’s dominating masculine structure. We are expected to be “on” constantly: at home, in our relationships, on social media, at work, even in our personal health and mentality. I could enumerate countless examples of our culture’s exhausting demands on our energy… such as the postpartum period, or lack thereof. (Pardon me while I mount my soapbox here) For almost the entirety of human history, families have lived together with several generations in one home. Work, play, cooking, eating, and childrearing were all shared responsibilities. Only within the last hundred years have families separated into discrete “nuclear” units which have truly created literal and psychological isolation, destroying our sense of community, family, and mutual responsibility. It is every man (or woman) for themselves. Traditional cultures celebrated the primal human fluctuations with ritual and ceremony, always fleshed out by the strong community bonds. During her “moon time,” a woman would retreat to a moon lodge, red tent, or other sacred space to be in the company of her fellow women while she bled, rested, and allowed for the cyclical spiritual transformation to be completed.

Since I don’t have time, community, or space to do my own retreat like traditional women, I am actively becoming more cognizant of the moon phases and how I feel throughout the month. I’m still not cycling (yay ecological breastfeeding) but there are definitely hormonal changes that influence my mood, energy level, and creativity. Also, giving myself permission to be tired, quiet, home-bound and sad when my body is meant to be. One of my not-so-good qualities is having really high (read: imppssible) standards for myself, and for the past few years I’ve been anxious about my waning energy sometimes… Why am I so tired? Is it my thyroid? Am I eating something bad? It must be my thyroid… And so on. Upon examining my energy levels and the lunar phase, I have often found that, indeed, my tiredness with life frequently coincides with the new moon.

Life is so much easier when we embrace things for the way they are meant to be, isn’t it? Ourselves, the people around us, the natural cycle of life. When we fight it is when things get sticky.

I created a “moon tea” to drink when I’m feeling low on energy, nutrients, and general support. Here is the recipe:


1/4 cup dried chamomile flowers

1/4 cup dried nettle leaves

1/4 cup red raspberry leaf

1 tablespoon holy basil leaf

8 cups of water

For best results, drink while relaxing and looking at, really feeling the moon. 🙂

Until next time,